Our bodies go through a tremendous amount of stress and fatigue in our day to day lifestyles what with exercising, sports, work-related activities, even just being on our feet all day.


Massages are great for de-stressing both mentally and physically, detoxifying impurities in the body, maintaining healthy joint function and an overall better performance in sport-related activities, as well as combating recurring pain from past injuries.

They also can aid in sleeping better, relaxing the mind, and improve the body's circulation. They're a necessity in today's busy lifestyle, and not just an indulgence.


Express 30 minute focus on back, neck and shoulders.



Between work and home, the balancing act keeps you so busy that you need some time to detach and let go. Destress and unwind during this sixty minute massage. This massage will soothe you body and mind, transporting you to a tranquil state of relaxation.



With so much responsibility, you are looking to break free from the daily stresses. During this ninety minute massage, find relief from chronic pain, tension and tightness. Feel Rested, restored and ready to persevere through the days ahead.  


Hot Stone

Release and soothe you muscle using heated river rocks and warm massage oil. (This is a 90 min service)


Massage Add Ons

Aromatherapy $5

Add essential oils to your treatment for enhanced relaxation and rejuvenation


Foot scrub $10

Hydrate and replenish the fresh feeling of your feet with foot scrub therapy. 

Paraffin Hand Dip $15

Paraffin wax acts as an emollient, which helps trap moisture in the skin. Once the paraffin has been rubbed or peeled away, rough hands and dry cuticles are left soft and moisturized. Add Feet for an extra $10

Face and Scalp $10

Help your skin retain it’s radiant, dewy-fresh glow with a refreshing treatment that softens, tones and nourishes stressed skin. With White Lily, Rose Hips and powerful antioxidants of cucumber’s cooling alpha-hydroxy acids help soothe and restore skin's natural glow. 

Cupping $20

Cupping helps with a boost to release muscle tension, minimize scar tissue from a previous injury or surgery or  aid in healing a recent injury.

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