Our bodies go through a tremendous amount of stress and fatigue in our day to day lifestyles what with exercising, sports, work-related activities, even just being on our feet all day.


Massages are great for de-stressing both mentally and physically, detoxifying impurities in the body, maintaining healthy joint function and an overall better performance in sport-related activities, as well as combating recurring pain from past injuries.

They also can aid in sleeping better, relaxing the mind, and improve the body's circulation. They're a necessity in today's busy lifestyle, and not just an indulgence.

Swedish Massage 

50 Minutes - $78

90 Minutes - $120

Meraki Plus

50 minutes- 53

90 minutes- 95

This relaxing massage is designed to relieve tension by combining long gliding strokes with muscle kneading. Swedish massage is a soft to medium tissue massage; at no time should the client feel uncomfortable. This massage is for relaxation and assessment of further body work needed. Helps with circulation, relieves tension build up and stress of everyday living.

Signature Massage

50 Minutes - $95

90 Minutes - $145

Meraki Plus

50 minutes - $70

90 mInutes - $120

This exclusive massage includes a heated aroma neck and back pillow, mini foot polish with a warm lavender infused foot wrap, extensive hand and foot massage, acupressure scalp massage, as well as a hydrating body butter for a true luxurious experience from head to toe.

Deep Tissue

50 Minutes - $95

90 Minutes - $145

Meraki Plus

50 minutes- $70

90 minutes- $120

Specific techniques are used for lengthening muscles and restoring range of motion by employing deep penetrating manipulation of strategic muscle groups which energizes your entire body. This massage can be a full body or just specific spots, for optimal results communication with the therapist is key. Recommended for recurring injury, chronic stiffness, sore spots and chronic pain.

Hot Stone Therapy

50 Minutes - $95

90 Minutes - $145

Meraki Plus

50 Minutes -$70

90 Minutes- $120

Basalt Stones ( smooth River stones) allow the heat to penetrate deep within your muscle tissue for unimaginable levels of relaxation. The heat of the stones enhances the benefits of massage by warming the muscles and the joints creating a deeper state of relaxation and more effective massage. Not recommended for those with the following: Extremely high blood pressure, cancer(lymph) and fever, pregnancy. 80 minute includes placement of stones with the massage stones; 50 minute includes massage with stones only, no placement of stones.

Seasonal Massage

50 minutes- $95

90 minutes- $145

Meraki Plus

50 Minutes-$70

90 minutes-$120

Indulge your senses with this seasonal treatment. This massage includes a heated neck and back pillow, seasonal infused foot wrap, as well as a hydrating body butter leaving your skin feeling hydrated and soft as well and smelling great too.


Not Compatible with Meraki Plus Program

Express 30-minute service focusing on back, neck & shoulders